Our practice is devoted exclusively to equine dentistry. Our aim is to be a part of the health care team working to help achieve your goals for your horse's health and performance. It is our pleasure to serve horses and their owners in New England.

The basis of dental health lies in an annual comprehensive exam with occasional adjustments as needed.  This service is most effectively provided by a veterinarian with focused skills and experience. As with general wellness care, the goal is to prevent big problems by identifying and dealing with small problems early on.

Services we provide include:

  • Complete oral/dental exams

  • Routine maintenance dental care ("floating")

  • Preventative dental care planning and implementation

  • Geriatric horse dental care

  • Young horse dental evaluations

  • Periodontal disease diagnosis, treatment and long term management

  • Advanced diagnostics featuring digital radiography

  • Basic extractions (wolf tooth and retained deciduous extraction)

  • Advanced extractions (diseased permanent tooth extraction)

  • Complex problem solving and severe case management