I think the most important thing that I can say about Dr. Limone is that you know she cares about your horse. This isn’t just a profession for her - it’s a passion. She’s back at the barn at night checking on your horse and helping you load your stuff and horse when you leave. She’s on the phone checking in the next day. I won’t say that it wasn’t a scary, stressful surgery, but you knew she was with you l00 percent through the whole thing. Surgeons should have half her bedside manor.
— Diana B. with "Doc"


Northeast Equine Veterinary Dental Services provides advanced equine dental care combined with consummate client service for discerning individual horse owners, professional trainers, and both small and large boarding/training facilities.  We are a comprehensive equine dentistry practice providing quality care ranging from routine (tooth floating) maintenance to advanced diagnostics and standing extractions. We have digital radiographic capabilities to handle dental diagnostic needs on site.  We are an ambulatory practice that will travel to provide service to horses on the farm and at referring veterinary clinics in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and the northeast.  

Our practice is devoted exclusively to high quality general and advanced equine dentistry. Our mission is to complement and enhance the care that your horse gets from your regular equine veterinarian.



Services include:

  • Comprehensive oral/dental exams

  • Routine equine dental maintenance ("teeth floating")

  • Advanced diagnostics featuring digital radiography & oral endoscopy

  • Basic and advanced tooth extractions

  • Board Certified equine dental specialist licensed to practice in MA, NH, VT, ME, RI, CT, FL

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